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Homework - Spring Term 2017

Curriculum Letter for Parents - Spring 2017

Class 5

What a busy term we had last term in Class 5! We had lots of exciting activities to do outside of school, such as our educational visit to Dig! Archaeological Centre in York, as well as our long awaited (and eventful!) trip to Young Voices.

Here are some photos from our visit to Dig! which supported our learning of the Anglo-Saxon part of our topic. As you can see, we had a very varied day, and learned a lot about archaeology and how we can use items we find in the future to help us find out more about the past, as well as clothing and medicines that were popular in Anglo-Saxon times.










































In addition to our music singing curriculum, we also looked at our composition curriculum by composing our very own Easter production. We started by looking at the Easter story and identifying the main plot points. Once we had done that, we were split into groups and each had one or two plot points to write a song about. We got some ideas down ourselves, then worked with Miss Hudson on the piano to create a tune. Not only did we have to compose songs ourselves, we also had to learn the other groups’ songs and put together a performance; after, performing it to a packed house for our dress rehearsal and two further shows.

As part of our PE in the spring term, we were lucky enough to be coached as part of the Chance To Shine Cricket Programme. A specialist coach came into school and delivered cricket sessions to Class 4 and 5. We really enjoyed learning new skills and building upon the ones we already had!

The last term is commencing and there are lots of things to look forward to (once the dreaded ‘S’ word for the Year 6s are out of the way!). We are working with Alasdair, who has been helping Mr Bond run the Enterprise Club in school, on some more Enterprising projects, and we also have sports week and the Leavers’ Service ahead of us…We can’t wait!



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