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Class 4 Homework Summer 2017

Curriculum information- Summer 2017

Class 4

Class Teachers: Mrs Gallagher 

Teaching Assistant: Lucy Brown/Helen Bramley

Firstly, I’d like to say a warm welcome back to you all hope you've had a wonderful Easter break. This term our topic is...

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Our topic begins creating settings using gardens as a stimuli; the children will work collaboratively looking at photographs of unusual gardens to write an imaginative introductory paragraph. This will lead to narrative critiquing of the classic story…The Secret Garden, by Frances Hodgson Burnett. Using specific still frames, the children will create atmosphere and suspense, describe and discuss characters and recognise the transformations which occur throughout the story.

With a more factual viewpoint, the children will then concentrate on non-chronological writing i.e. writing reports about wildflowers found in the local area, the flower industry and how the history of flower usage has evolved over time.

After the half term we will delve into the 1960s; discovering the iconic music, fashion, significant events and people (Martin Luther King) of the era. The learning will occur over a range of subjects e.g. re-creating Andy Warhol’s pop art, researching and designing a CD/record cover for the Beatles and designing persuasive posters regarding the civil rights movement.

In maths we will investigate statistics using line graphs, bar charts, pictograms, time graphs and bar charts; we will compare the sum and difference problems by completing, reading and interpreting data alongside calculating the average (mean number). We will use the 12hr and 24 hr clocks to read, write and convert time. Whilst solving number problems, the children will apply their arithmetic skills towards more complex problems, including money. Year 5s will focus on recognising and using prime numbers, square numbers and cube numbers; including the notation for squared (²) and cubed (³).

Science: The children will look at the function of parts of flowering plants alongside the requirements for growth, water and transportation in plants. Additionally they will investigate life cycles (including reproduction) and seed dispersal; identify and name a variety of plants and flowers found in the UK though classification keys.

We would just like to remind you of a few things…

Monday – Spelling Homework Given and Handed In-please bring spelling folder

Tuesday – PE Kit (Sports Coach)

Wednesday – Hand in Topic Homework

Friday – Reading Diary Check/PE Kit

Thank you for visiting us and we hope you come back and see us soon!


Please take a look at our photos to see what we have been up to over the last few months:

































































































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