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Class 3 Homework Summer 2017

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We had a great term last term learning all about the Vikings as well as having a visit from our Viking friend Erik Bloodaxe! Unfortunately, Erik Bloodaxe was unable to come back and visit us to see how well we had got on with creating our own Viking weapons, as his longboat got stuck somewhere in Northumbria! Hopefully we will be seeing him soon so that we can test out our weapons!











This term we will be learning all about our local area and then comparing it to other places and countries around the world. We will be going on a walk to the Meadow in Hoylandswaine to look at lots of different flowers and grasses which will help us to create our own poetry in Literacy. During Literacy, we will be focussing on how poetry can convey an image to the reader which we will link to our Topic work when identifying the landscape of our local area.

In Maths, we will be looking at reasoning with fractions where we will learn about comparing and ordering fractions and adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominator. Using our fraction knowledge, we will begin to solve problems involving money which will be used during Maths Investigation week. Following this, we will look at solving number problems which our knowledge and understanding of our times tables will really help us with! We will focus on fact families, representing arrays, representing maths problems visually and using mathematical vocabulary correctly. We also be looking at multiplication and division problems and understanding the inverse calculation.

In Science, we will be investigating into the different rocks and fossils and understanding the different types of rocks by identifying the different features of each rock. We will link this to our overall topic of Home and Away, focusing on the type of rocks there are in and around Hoylandswaine. We will also be investigating the features and properties of different rocks, focusing on three main rocks: igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic.

We will link our Topic work based on Home and Away to our Literacy, Science, Geography and History subjects. During this term, we will be focusing on the history of Hoylandswaine as well as the geographical aspects and how they have changed over time. We will also be sketching the landscape of Hoylandswaine, labelling the field sketch with geographical vocabulary and learning about the different types of rocks that are evident in the landscape. This is just a taster of what will be happening in Class 3. To find out more about what we will be learning, please feel free to download our Curriculum Letter above and take a look.

Finally, we will be going on a walk around Hoylandswaine to visit the Pye Flatts Meadow where we will use the landscape to help us write a poem to convey an image. We will also be visiting Manchester Airport next half term which is linked to our Topic Home and Away.

We would just like to remind you about a few things…

Monday – Swimming kit and hand in spelling homework/spelling homework given

Tuesday – PE Kit (PE Lesson)

Thursday – Hand in topic homework

Spellings are given out on a Monday to practice over the week and to hand in on the following Monday.

For homework the children will receive a sheet for the term with tasks related to the Topic. We ask that they complete at least two pieces from each category over the term and these are to be handed in as necessary on a Thursday.

Thank you for visiting us and we hope you come back and see us again soon!

Here are some photos of all of the things we have been getting up to!

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